I grew up integrated into the typical independent Baptist theology, and truly believed most of what was taught, but always had a problem with the moral vs ceremonial doctrine that was taught because it didn’t appear to be text based amongst other doctrines. Long story short, after lots of personal study/investigation of the text I concluded the best way to live life the way the creator designed was to adopt His entire covenant that was given to Yisrael through Moses, and some even directly at the mountain. Now I am just yearning for the day we can fully institute the needed leadership to execute the instructed judgments in the exact way outlined in the written Torah, and contemplating what the next steps to get there are.
Also I long to physically see Yisrael come together United by the written Torah to form the most blessed and treasured nation we were supposed to be, if we wouldn’t have been so hard hearted, and stubborn.
As of now, I am just working to provide for the family I’ve been given, and having fun living out the Torah together the best we know how.
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  • 08/03/1987
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